Shingles Remedies - An Overview

Shingles are caused by the varicella zoster virus, the same virus that caused chicken pox in human beings. As such there is no permanent shingles remedies available, but by using shingles remedies you can only reduce the impact of the shingles virus. Patch of blisters in the form of belt is formed in the body on one side of the body. This pattern of blisters that appear in our body is called shingles. Usage of shingles remedies is recommended during the initial outbreak of shingles. This usage of shingles remedies during the initial outbreak is more helpful is avoiding the complications that occurs after the duration of shingles in our body.

Shingles remedies like prednisone are used to reduce the inflammation that is caused due to shingles. Other pain relievers are also used as shingles remedies to relieve the pain. Some of the medical practitioners give low doses of anti-depressants as shingles remedies depending on the patients history. Since shingles is caused by a virus, anti-viral shingles remedies are preferred to cure shingles. The most common anti-viral shingles remedies that are available in the market are acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir.

Lidocaine patches are used as shingles remedies to treat the numb skin. The topical pain relievers that are used as a part of shingles remedies include ointments like capsaicin. Usually shingles subside in a natural way in 3 to 5 weeks time. After the shingles subsides, there is every chance for shingles to reappear at some other point of time in your life. It is not known what factor stimulates the reactivation, but in general it is found that the reduction in immunity of our body is one of the cause for the reactivation of the virus. Hence shingles remedies are used to control the reactivation of the virus and to reduce the duration of the impact. Heal shingles is a product that is available in the market as one of the shingles remedies. This product is said to be made of 100% natural essential oils.





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