Natural Remedies to Cure Shingles

People use shingles remedy to get some relief from the symptoms of shingles staying at home. Use natural substances to cure the symptoms of shingles quickly & easily. As a result, shingles remedy does not cause any harmful side effects that are usually caused by stimulant medications. Apple cider vinegar is a natural shingles remedy that provides relief from pain and discomfort when applied directly to the infected areas.

Apple cider vinegar is a shinges remedy that helps remove the itching and burning rapidly and heal the shingles more quickly. Dimethyl sulfoxide is another shingles remedy that helps stop the growth of the virus by penetrating right to the center of the infection. Dimethyl sulfoxide is a shingles remedy which helps you to get rid of the stinging and rash in three days, if applied to the affected areas twice daily.

Vitamin B-12, an important nutrient for nerve health, is another shingles remedy that provides pain relief and helps rapid drying of the rash. Vitamin B-12 is a shigles remedy that shows dramatic results in curing shingles, when 500 mcg of vitamin B-12 is injected daily for three days. This shingles remedy is more beneficial than taking supplements, as the vitamins bypass the digestive system.

Vitamin C is another shingles remedy that shows good results in curing shingles. The usage of this shingles remedy is injecting two to three grams every 12 hours and a gram orally every two hours. Vitamin C is the shingles remedy that helps relieve pain quickly and dries the blisters within a few days.

Vitamin E is another shingles remedy that is very effective in curing neuralgia, the advanced stage of shingles. Zinc is another shingles remedy commonly used to cure shingles. Applying a salve made by mixing a tablespoon of aloe vera juice and the contents of one 1,000 I.U. capsule of natural vitamin E with zinc ointment on the blisters provides quick relief from pain.

Rhus toxicodendron is a homeopathic shingles remedy used to cure the blisters that are not only painful but very itchy. Arsenicum album is another homeopathic shingles remedy that helps cure red, burning lesions. Mezereum is another homeopathic shingles remedy used to cure shingles in cases of severe pain, skin burns and itches, and the formation of brown scabs. Ranunculus is a homeopathic shingles remedy used to cure shingles in cases of severe nerve pains and itching.




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