Awareness on Treatment for Shingles

The Doctors involved in treatment for shingles should be very careful while diagnosing and before starting the medication. The patient should completely aware of the treatment for shingles proposed for them as well as the alternative treatments for the same disease. Some doctors may propose surgery which is very expensive to the patient. But the patient can raise the question to the doctor for the options left for the cure and other treatment for shingles. The Medical Practioners of the ancient indian system of medicine called Ayurveda have prescribed herbs adapted in herbal treatment for shingles. Alternate to allopathic medications, natural treatment for shingles are very appropriate, result oriented and safe. Some Chinese herbal formulae were used to treat which are very favorable in treatment for shingles.

In allopathic treatment for shingles, Antiviral medications are prescribed which would not cure shingles, but they can shorten the duration of the illness. This kind of treatment for shingles may also reduce the amount of pain and discomfort from the rash. Antiviral treatment for shingles may help to prevent complications of shingles. It is highly advised that antiviral treatment for shingles should be started within 72 hours of the rashes emerge so as to get the medicine to work.

Chickenpox and Shingles are caused by the same virus. So, the treatment for shingles are similar to arrest the feeling of burning pain, itching or sensitivity of the affected area. Before starting treatment for shingles, it is highly advisable to establish a documentary evidence on the Varicella – Zoster virus infection on a blood test. More importantly, antiviral medications have been found to help reduce or prevent the occurrence of nerve pain resulting from the infection. Same way, homeopathic treatment for shingles also promises the cure, prevention but varies from case to case basis through individualization approach.




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