Types of Skin and the Role of Natural Skin Care in Protecting them

Human skin is the biggest organ that serves as a protective sheath for underlying skeleton and other vital organs. Our skin layer is responsible for our primary level protection or the first line of protection against many diseases and the invading bacteria and viruses.Skin also plays a very vital role in maintaining our body temperature at optimum level and helps in flushing out accumulated toxins by way of perspiration.

It is a primary requirement for anyone who wants to maintain an overall good health to take care of the skin health first and nurture skin in a good manner. Out of many skin care requirements, there are few important cares such as exfoliation of the skin, providing sufficient and proper minerals and nutrients, removal of the dead cells, and keeping it well moisturised.

When it comes to types of skin, there is no uniformity in skin type and further different people will react to the skin care differently and hence the best way to find a suitable skin care is through trying out natural skin care samples. A natural skin care sample can be sought and obtained so as to suit to your skin type and requirement and many of them come for both oily skin and sensitive skin types.

Oily Skin Type

Oily skin in general will lack lustre and dense and at the same time it is identifiable by the shiny nature. Formation of blackheads is very common in oily skin types and this is due to the increased activity of the sebaceous glands that produce sebum in an increased quantity. Any person may develop oily skin due to heredity reasons, change in weather conditions, change in dietary habits, change in hormonal levels and many more.

You can make use of the available natural skin care sample products and after using them you can arrive at the efficacy of the product to meet to your skin care requirements and can settle for the right product depending upon the results experienced. There are natural skin care samples that contain ingredients such as cucumber extract, rosemary and a witch hazel combination, aloe vera extract, clay scrub mask and a specially formulated face cream.

Sensitive Skin Type

The susceptibility or sensitivity to cold is the characteristic of sensitive skin and those who have a sensitive skin can also have feeling that their skin is very tight. The skin pores that are found in sensitive skin are smaller than normal and that limits flow of essential skin oils leading to skin flaking or cracking.

Again there are many different natural skin care samples advocated for use in sensitive skin condition. This natural skin care sample will have ingredients that are capable of hydrating the skin and be able to preserve whatever the little moisture available in the skin.

Ingredients such as rose face wash, oatmeal, rose hydrosol toner, gentle rose/clay mask, and a light face cream all constitute to a natural skin care sample. All these ingredients allow a gentle action on your skin making it supple and avoid moisture loss.

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