Cure UTI - An Overview

UTI means urinary track infection, UTI most commonly affect the pregnant women; possibilities are there to affect the children also, UTI also affect men. To cure UTI many remedies are there, it helps to cure UTI effectively. Fruits, vegetables, vitamins, herbs are used and it cure UTI. Especially cranberries juices is very good remedy to cure UTI.

If certain precautions are taken daily like avoid wearing the nylon underwear’s, instead of that wearing the cotton under wears and cloths it helps circulate or allows the air freely it will give good results to cure UTI. Drinking plenty of water that is to drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water daily it helps to remove all the bacteria’s present in our body. It is very important that when you feel urgent to go for urine, don’t avoid to go, if you go for urine as much as possible it makes you feel comfortable and it cure UTI if any and also it prevent you from urinary track infection.

Avoid putting stress on the bladder; usually pregnant women have stress more on the bladder because during pregnant there will be increase in 50%of blood in the body so work for the kidney to clear the blood is more than usual then there will be more pressure or stress on the bladder. It is one of the remedies to cure UTI. The herbs which contain any of the property like Antibacterial, anti inflammatory, and antibiotic like uva ursi, bucha, cornsilk, couch grass, garlic, horsetail, juniper, Oregon grape, parsley, rosehips, stinging nettle. These herbs give good results to cure UTI.

The herbs above mentioned such as goldenrod, bucha are anti-inflammatory and urinary tonic are given to cure UTI. Parsley is good old remedy to cure UTI; it is given to flush out bacteria present in the bladder and urinary track. Rose hip herb helps to fight against infection it is best herb to cure UTI. Herbs are natural remedy to cure UTI. Many medicines are also there to cure UTI. D-mannose is an antibiotic used to cure UTI. Thus, above remedies are easy and effective ways to cure UTI.






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