Proven motion sickness home remedy

Motion sickness results when the brain receives wrong information about the environment. Once you feel the symptoms coming on, motion sickness can be very difficult to stop, especially if you've reached your particular point of no return—usually when nausea sets in.

But the following remedies can help nurse the symptoms and might be able to cut them short. Better yet, they might keep the symptoms from starting in the first place—next time you're bobbing and dripping, dripping and bobbing along on a pretty afternoon's wave. Adopting following ways can prevent the motion sickness: - While traveling in the land either by car or bus, move your head as littlie as possible. Try to keep your head still by pressing it into a headrest.

Head movement can increase motion sickness. Avoid drinking alcohol or eating a heavy meal before travel. During an extended flight, eat small meals and drink small amounts of fluids either before or during a flight to help reduce nausea and vomiting. A simple cure for motion sickness is to put an Aspirin in your belly button and then place a Band-Aid (adhesive bandage) over it to hold it in. Ginger in any form, fresh, ginger pills that you get from a health food store, powdered in tea proves to be good home remedy.

Even ginger ale, although it is far less effective can also be used a home remedies. When ever you get sick going up to the mountains you should suck on a wintergreen lifesaver or any other wintergreen mint it makes it go away really quick and leaves your mouth feeling fresh. The first settlers to the New World might have taken Gingerroot to ease their transatlantic voyage.

Although the tradition dates back hundreds of years, eating a bit of ginger recently passed scientific scrutiny when an experiment showed that two powdered gingerroot capsules were more effective than a dose of Dramamine in preventing motion sickness. Researchers theorize that ginger works, by absorbing acids and blocking nausea in your gastrointestinal tract.




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Stop the spinning - End Your Vertigo. Dizziness, Nausea and Motion Sickness… Take Control of Your Life Again!

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