Effective treatment for motion sickness

Motion sickness, a minor annoyance and does not signify any serious medical illness, but some travelers may even suffer symptoms for a few day after the trip.

Some people experience vomiting when riding in an amusement park ride, airplane or automobile and this is called motion sickness. Many people experience motion sickness when riding on a ship or boat and this is called seasickness even though it is the same disorder. The diagnosis depends on the description of the dizziness to the physician, whether it is light-headedness or a sensation of motion.

You will need to answer questions to your health care provider about your general health, any medicines; you are taking, head injuries, recent infections, and other questions about your ear and neurological system. The clinician will examine your ears, nose and throat and perform tests of nerve and balance function. The physician might order skull X rays, a CT or MRI scan of your head, or special tests of eye motion after warm or cold water is used to stimulate the inner ear (ENG - electronystagmography).

The treatments recommended by your doctor will depend on the diagnosis. The motion sickness patient should take one of the varieties of the motion sickness medicines before his/her travel begins. Dramamine, Bonine, Marezine, etc. are the commonly used medicines for motion sickness and can be obtained without prescription. In serious form of the motion sickness, the physician has prescribed stronger medicines such as tranquilizers and nervous system depressants.

The medicines are available in the pill or suppository form. A medicine called scolopolamine is used to stick-on patch applied to the skin behind the ear. Avoiding strong odors and spicy or greasy foods that do not agree with you can prevent the motion sickness. The persons with previous history of motion sickness should avoid reading while traveling and sitting in a seat facing backwards.




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Stop the spinning - End Your Vertigo. Dizziness, Nausea and Motion Sickness… Take Control of Your Life Again!

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